Anzac Day İn Turkey

Gallipoli-Anzac-CoveAnzac Day İn Turkey We were assembled in the dark by the Gisborne Cenotaph in the rain-free but dank dawn of Anzac Day 2013. Meeting and greeting in the hushed voices we use at funerals. So when a strobe-lit helicopter approached and hammered its way directly overhead it was like the GDC decided to chainsaw the pohutukawa tree in the middle of the service. I switched off my hearing aids; until I was reminded to turn them back on after I got home. Anzac Day Trips

The current problem is that next Anzac Day the Cenotaph will be missing its three-metre tall Italian carved marble soldier who has been standing watch for nearly 100 dawn parades. Anzac Day Tours Turkey Imagine a cricketer on 99 ordered to come in by our civic leaders because the time has come to repair the grandstand. Not a crowd pleaser with an election looming. Anzac Day İn Turkey