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Anzac day 2015 Turkey Meanwhile, Mustafa Kemal planned a third counter-attack, (he had received five new battalions). Having failed in their first two attempts, the Ottomans were now entrenching opposite the Anzac firing line so that a distinct system of trenches became established. Preliminary moves were made on 30 April but the main counter-attack was launched on 1 May. The newly-arrived Marines suffered the most under the attack but as with the two previous efforts, it was completely defeated. For the time being, Mustafa Kemal accepted he had insufficient resources to dislodge the invaders.  Gallipoli 2015 tours Turkey


  Anzac Day Tours A gap remained in the Anzac perimeter at the head of Monash Valley between the New Zealanders on the left along Walker’s Ridge and Russell’s Top and the Australian 4th Brigade holding the Posts along the second ridge (Quinn’s, Courtney’s and Steele’s). The Ottomans held the Chessboard and the Nek and had a foothold on Russell’s Top. From here they could fire into the back of Quinn’s and the other posts. Therefore an attack was planned to extend the Anzac line to encompass Baby 700. After dusk on 2 May, the 13th and 16th Battalions of the 4th Brigade climbed the Bloody Angle, next to Quinn’s, and attempted to establish a line along the Chessboard to Baby 700. They only managed to form a series of disjointed trenches along the foot of the Chessboard. The Otago Battalion of the New Zealand Rifle Brigade was meant to capture the summit of Baby 700 but reached the front late, by which time the Ottoman defences were alerted.  Anzac day 2015 Turkey