Anzac Day Tours

anzac2Anzac Day Tours Mediterranean Expeditionary Force (MEF), who had retired to bed. At midnight he was shaken awake by his Chief-of-Staff, Major-General Walter Braithwaite, who told him that an important message had arrived from the force ashore at Anzac. Hamilton followed Braithwaite to the battleship’s dining saloon where he found a group of Royal Navy officers and others. He recalled that ‘a cold hand clutched my heart as I scanned their faces’. Anzac Day Tours He was handed a note from LieutenantGeneral Sir William Birdwood, the Anzac Corps commander. Birdwood wrote that his generals, after the setbacks and chaos of the first day’s fighting, during which they had failed to take their objectives, recommended evacuation. Birdwood himself was not convinced they should leave but he had passed on the opinions of the commanders on the spot for Hamilton to decide. A ‘yes’ from Hamilton, and the ‘Anzac Legend’ would have been stillborn. Anzac Day Tours