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Ephesus-Ancient21Ephesus Tours In spite of official efforts to enforce a uniform Turkish identity, the population is remarkably heterogeneous. When the Ottoman Empire imploded, large numbers of Muslim Slavs, Kurds, Greeks, Albanians, Crimean Tatars, Azeris, Daghestanlis, Abkhazians and Circassians – to name only the most numerous non-Turkic groups – streamed into Anatolia, the safest refuge in an age of anti-Ottoman nationalism. This process has continued in recent years from formerly Soviet or Eastern Bloc territories, so that the diversity endures, constituting one of the surprises of travel in Turkey. Another obvious aspect is the youthfulness of the country: more than half the population is under 30, something borne out in the legions of young people working in coastal resorts, and the shoals of school kids surging through city streets. Kusadasi Port Tours This brings with it a palpable dynamism but also its fair share of problems, not least high youth unemployment and disparate educational opportunities.  Ephesus Day Tour