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Anzac Tours Turkey On 2 January 1915 Grand Duke Nicholas of Russia appealed to Britain for assistance against the Ottomans who were attacking in the Caucasus. Planning for a limited naval demonstration in the Dardanelles subsequently began, with the aim of diverting troops from that theatre. Anzac Tours Turkey


galli487On 17 February 1915, a British seaplane from HMS Ark Royal flew a reconnaissance sortie over the Straits. Two days later, the first attack on the Dardanelles began when a strong Anglo-French task force, including the British battleship HMS Queen Elizabeth, began a long-range bombardment of Ottoman artillery along the coast. The British had intended to utilise Ark Royal’s eight aircraft to spot for the bombardment but harsh conditions rendered all but one of these, a Short Type 136, unserviceable. A period of bad weather slowed the initial phase but by 25 February the outer forts had been reduced and the entrance cleared of mines. After this, Royal Marines were landed to destroy guns at Kum Kale on the northern Asian coast and at Sedd el Bahr on the southern tip of the Gallipoli Peninsula, while the naval bombardment shifted to batteries between Kum Kale and Kephez.Anzac Tours Turkey