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anzac day 2016 tours The Gallipoli Campaign, also known as the Dardanelles Campaign or the Battle of Gallipoli or the Battle of Çanakkale (Turkish: Çanakkale Savaşı), took place on the Gallipoli peninsula in the Ottoman Empire (now Gelibolu in modern day Turkey) between 25 April 1915 and 9 January 1916, during World War I. A joint British and French operation was mounted to capture the Ottoman capital of Constantinople (Istanbul) and secure a sea route to  anzac day tours turkey Russia.Following an unsuccessful naval campaign to force a passage through the Dardanelles, an amphibious landing was undertaken on the Gallipoli peninsula. The attempt failed, and after eight months of heavy fighting and many casualties on both sides the invasion force was finally evacuated. The campaign was one of the greatest victories of the Ottomans during the war and is considered a major failure by the Allies.

gallipoli_anzac_cove_and_lone_pine_20100406_1168845541The battle resonated profoundly among all nations involved. In Turkey, it is perceived as a defining moment in the history of the Turkish people—a final surge in the defence of the motherland as the ageing Ottoman Empire was crumbling. anzac day tours The struggle laid the groundwork for the Turkish War of Independence and the foundation of the Republic of Turkey eight years later under Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, himself a commander at Gallipoli. The campaign led to the first major casualties for Australia and New Zealand in the war, and is often considered to mark the birth of national consciousness in both of these countries. Anzac Day, 25 April, remains the most significant commemoration of military casualties and veterans in Australia and New Zealand,  anzac day 2016 tours

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Gallipoli, Anzac Cove - Anzac Day 2007, People taking souvenir photoAnzac Day Gallipoli Tours Turkey I do congratulate Kevin Rudd. I commiserate with Julia Gillard because, yet again, the powerbrokers of the Labor Party have changed the prime ministership of our country. Gallipoli Anzac Day Tours
I want to say directly to the people of Australia: you deserve better than this. You deserve strong and stable government, but the only way you will get strong and stable government is through an election so that you, the people, and not the faceless men of the Labor Party choose the Prime Minister and the government of our country. Turkey Anzac Tours

Just a couple of simple facts. In 2007, you voted for Kevin and got Julia. In 2010, you voted for Julia and got Kevin. If you vote for the Labor Party in 2013, who knows who you will end up with?  Anzac Day Gallipoli Tours Turkey