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Ephesus Tours Turkey

Ephesus Tours Turkey – EPHESUS RUINS – AGORA

The broad area in front of the Theatre was the Commercial Agora of Ephesus. Completely surrounded by columns, this Agora contained three entrances, one from the Celsus Library, one from the front of the Theatre, and one from the Harbour. In the form of a square 110 metres on a side, the north side of the Agora is left open, while the remaining three sides are surrounded by a portico which contained shops. The eastern and southern sides of the Agora were two-storeyed, the second storey of the eastern side being constructed in the form of an enclosed Doric stoa. Originally built in the Hellenistic Period, the Agora was reconstructed in the 3rd century during the reign of Caracalla (211-217 A.D.). At the centre of the Agora was a sundial and a water-clock. The centre of the square was faced in marble and contained statues of the philosophers, statesmen, and of scholars. Ephesus Tours Turkey

We offers shore excursions for cruise ship passengers at Port Of Kusadasi, Izmir and Istanbul including private Ephesus Tours and Istanbul Tours. As we are Ephesus Tours Turkey based right near the Port in Kusadasi and specialise in providing quality shore excursions to historical sites and other areas over 10 years. We have a selection of Ephesus Tours and Istanbul Tours which include Ephesus Ruins, Temple of Artemis, Grand Theatre, Odeaon, House of Virgin Mary, St. John Bassilica, Sirince Village, Isabey Mosque, Terrace Houses, Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque, Undergraund Cistern, Hagia Sophia, Hippodrome, Dolmabahce Palace, Kariye Museum, Grand Covered Bazaar, Suleymaniye Mosque, Spice Bazaar, Camlica Hill, ect… We use brand new vans and the comfort and enjoyment of our guests is our number one priority and for this reason we only use luxury transportation and professional guides in a variety of languages.

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We had a wonderful experience on our Ephesus Tours from Izmir with Joseph (Yusel) and Istanbul Tours in Istanbul for two days with Juli (Julideh). Both Ephesus Tours and Istanbul Tours are superb guides who strike the right balance of providing excellent information and giving us time to explore on our own and take pictures. Both were very supportive and provided excellent recommendations for lunch and dinner too. Significantly, they were flexible and responded to our needs and made the right choices so we could pack in as much sightseeing as possible in the limited time we had in both locations. They were also very patient in answering many questions about the history and culture of Turkey! Our drivers and the vehicles were also excellent and contributed to our enjoyment of the tours. Alix did a great job working with you to arrange these tours for groups from the Norwegian Jade.

In particular, we appreciated Joseph’s great sense of humour, good nature and balance. He responded all our Ephesus Tour questions and very patiently to our many enthusiastic questions throughout and remembered that one of the guests wanted baklava at lunch but didn’t get any so he stopped and got some for all of us on the way back. He helped us order lunch at a good restaurant in Sirince and made sure we picked local specialties. He knew instinctively to give us the right amount of information without obscuring the beauty of the surroundings with an overload of facts. We all had a great time.

Juli was also very patient and thorough in taking us through an exhausting array of sites. She demonstrated very detailed knowledge of history and answered all questions with aplomb. She guided us very competently through all the sites in a calm, confident and compassionate manner. We knew we were in good hands with Juli who taught through example which places were worth seeing and when and which deserved more time than others.

For cruise passengers, however, these are great Ephesus tours and Istanbul Tours which I think provided more varied and personable experiences than those offered by the cruise company (who, to be fair, are dealing with hundreds of people and have to stick to a prescribed itinerary and timeline). I thought the prices of these Ephesus Shore Excursions from Kusadasi Port and Istanbul Tours were very reasonable and the fact that payment is by credit card on the day of the tour is very helpful as it helps to maintain our cash and limits the risk of carrying large amounts of money.


Shore Excursions

This temple Shore Excursions was built for the Egyptian merchants. It was located on the Commercial Agora near the western gate. There is shore excursions ephesus turkey also another entrance shore trips ephesus into the temple from the south-west corner of the Agora through stairs.

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The Blue Cruise in Turkey is often called a Blue Voyage or Mavi Yolculuk is Turkish. The term Blue Cruise is blue cruises turkey often used to explain recreational boating around the Southern coast of Turkey and is often used within the tourism industry in travel to turkey Turkey but has also appeared in literature and was actually derived from the title of a book written by an author in Turkey by the name turkey tours of Azra Erhat in 1957 with the book The Blue Cruise. She is also known for her translations of Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey which into Turkish.

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mayfield-diana-fatih-bridge-crossing-the-bosphorus-from-rumeli-hisari-fortress-istanbul-istanbul-turkeyCruise Ship Shore Excursions Turkey offers a fusion of many things: Mediterranean resorts and remote rural idylls, visions of the East contrasting with a modern, Western culture, and a history spanning several of the world’s major civilisations. In a country promising so much, it may difficult to know where to begin your holidays to Turkey, but here are some ideas of where to go and what to do while you’re here. Bible Tours İn Turkey


Istanbul has been making the international news over the past weeks because of anti-government riots in Taksim Square, though this is not affecting the holiday trade as feared. Protests have been concentrated in certain areas and much of the tourist attractions in this iconic city are found a good distance away from this neighbourhood.

Turkish Bath in Kusadasi Certainly, the domes of the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque remain unchanged in their beauty, the Grand Bazaar bustles on as usual and visitors are still skimming along the Bosphorus and soaking up the atmosphere of the tea-houses under Galata Bridge.

But of course, Turkish Spa Kusadasi Turkey is about so much more than its cities and beach resorts: consider quiet fishing villages like Kusadasi which will seem like a whole world away, though still along the popular south-west coast. Here, you’ll find traditional mud-baths to indulge in, sea-turtles to spot and some of the most mouth-watering – and affordable – adana kebabs you could wish for. Cruise Ship Shore Excursions