Kusadasi Day Trips

1347019166_Aydin-KusadasiKusadasi Day Trips To see a whirling dervish (also known as a Muslim Sufi) in action is to witness a ceremony that represents the mystical journey of the dancer’s spirit. Dressed in long white robes and conical hats, the dervishes spin in a trance-like state to chants, music and verses recited from the Koran. Biblical Tour Catch a performance of the ritual in Istanbul, where some cruise lines combine a whirling dervish performance with a lunch at a local restaurant or with a visit to a notable mosque, for instance, the Mosque of Süleyman the Magnificent, a stunning 16th-century complex built at the height of the Ottoman Empire. Seven Churches of Revelation Another not-to-miss entertainment event is a classical music concert at the ancient Roman site of Ephesus, Turkey. The dramatic ruins of the 2nd-century Celsus Library are the setting for an outdoor evening of music by such local groups as the Izmir Symphony Orchestra String QuintetKusadasi Day Trips