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Anzac Day Tours Gallipoli

Tony-at-Anzac-GallipoliAnzac Day Tours Gallipoli  Early last month in a war memorial park in Trieste, where WWII ended for the survivors of the New Zealand Division’s Italian campaign (my uncle Winston and many others remain in Faenza), I was startled by a low-flying helicopter. It came from behind and being electric was noiseless. Larger than a toy; but not big enough to carry a person. Looking around, I saw a small group with tri-pod and camera busy filming and, obviously, directing the thing from the ground. It made me think of the drones the US use to shoot rockets into middle-eastern homes. Anzac Day Tours


Anzac Day Tour Turkey Reading Saturday’s editorial about the out-of-step council decision to absent the soldier from next year’s Dawn Parade, I wondered if there might be an off-the-shelf low-cost technological solution. Projecting the soldier on a screen above the plinth would be one. Projecting a Weta Workshops full size multi-dimensional holograph by laser beam from an electric chopper might be another. Anzac Day Tours Gallipoli