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Kuşadası satılık villa

1347019166_Aydin-KusadasiKuşadası satılık villa Then there are the ancient sites at places like Ephesus and the world-famous Troy in the north; completely untouched by modern life. The ruins of this Aegean town were occupied throughout the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods and offer a fascinating opportunity to walk in these illustrious footsteps. Satılık yazlık kuşadası


If discovering rural Turkey is more your thing, South Central Anatolia promises both unreal, rocky landscapes and inland lakes. The village of Egirdir lies between the dramatic silhouettes of the Toros mountains and the startlingly blue Egirdir Lake, where you can stay one of the low-cost ‘panysions’, taste the local freshwater catch or set out on the historic St Paul Trail. Turkish Bath

Turkey’s appeal isn’t difficult to understand, whether you’re drinking in a sunset behind a dome-and-steeple skyline, swimming in the waters of the Southern Med, or just enjoying a strong coffee and a sweet baklava. And with the temperatures staying high until December in some places, it’s perfect for grabbing those off-peak holiday deals. Kuşadası satılık villa