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turkey property kusadasi HMS Irresistible and HMS Inflexible were critically damaged by mines, although there was confusion during the battle about the cause of the damage—some blamed torpedoes. HMS Ocean, sent to rescue the Irresistible, was also damaged by an explosion, and both ships eventually sank. The French battleships Suffren and Gaulois were also damaged; the ships had sailed through a new line of mines placed secretly by the Ottoman minelayer Nusret ten days before. turkey property kusadasituerkei-kusadasi


The losses forced de Robeck to sound the “general recall” to save what remained of his force.[39] Losses had been anticipated during the planning of the campaign, so mainly obsolete battleships had been sent which were unfit to face the German fleet. Some of the senior naval officers, such as the commander of Queen Elizabeth, Commodore Roger Keyes, felt that they had come close to victory, believing that the Ottoman guns had almost run out of ammunition, but others, including de Robeck and Jackie Fisher, did not consider the losses acceptable, which with bad weather ended Allied attempts to force the straits by naval power. turkey property kusadasi