Travel From Kusadasi To Ephesus

ephesus-kusadasi-turkeyTravel From Kusadasi To Ephesus Our time travel through history continued as we explored six Greek islands on a cruise. Our first stop was in the colorful town of Kusadasi on our way to Ephesus, which is famous in antiquity for its Temple of Diana. During the years of the Roman Empire it was the greatest city in Asia Minor. We discovered innumerable monuments that included the Forum, the Odeon, the library of Celsus, Private Ephesus Tours the Great Theatre built in the Greek Era and reconstructed in the Roman period, the humble chapel on the little house in which it is believed that the Virgin Mary spent her last days, and many other wonders. Kusadasi Ephesus Tours We took numerous pictures of the ancient city of Ephesus and saw one of the most magnificent excavations in the world, the Basilica of St. John and The Great Theatre with a capacity of 24,000 seats where St. Paul preached. In the present, we could only try to read the inscriptions in the ancient Greek language that are still present. As we returned to our ship, we got a taste of Turkey by enjoying an exhibition of oriental carpets, jewelry, and leather goods. Travel From Kusadasi To Ephesus